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April 9th, 2011


Gladys gave us quite a scare this week, disappearing from our yard while free-ranging and not returning to her house, even after it got dark, as chickens are supposed to do.

We went out looking for her, to no avail, and had to assume she had run away or been eaten by something. Then, the next morning, who comes up sidling up to our gate when she heard us in the yard?

Who knows what she’d gotten up to.

June 7th, 2010


Recently, Joan started breaking and eating her and Gladys’ eggs before we could collect them.

This is unfortunate for many reasons:

  1. According to the internet, this habit quickly spreads from chicken to chicken.
  2. Also according to the internet, once a chicken has started doing this, it is next to impossible to get them to stop.
  3. We are getting fewer eggs than we used to.
  4. This is unusual behavior that suggests a shortcoming in our chicken-keeping.

Gladys has started doing this as well, occasionally. Bad news, but seeing as we only have two chickens right now, the bad habit can’t get far. Some weeks we get about 1/4 fewer eggs than we used to, but it was often tough to find uses for the 14 or so eggs a week we got anyway.

Since the problem arose, we’ve tried being more diligent with changing their food and water, giving them more table scraps and “treats,” and letting them free-range more often and for longer periods. This extra-attentiveness seems to increase the amount of eggs they leave intact…for the most part.

A commonly-suggested remedy to this problem is to “remove the offending birds from the flock,” which, obviously, I am not going to do. So, even though it’s slightly disappointing, we’re just going to let it be. Using up 11 eggs a week is still a challenge anyway.

April 2nd, 2010

clever girl

The title should be read aloud in an Australian accent with one of those safari hats on…. ’Cause it’s a Jurassic Park reference. Anyone?

I’ve seen Gladys pull this stunt on more than one occasion when she’s been blocked from the feeder. It’s pretty impressive.